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“Memoirs of an Entrepreneur” is a revealing insight into corporate America. The book tells the story of a sales executive who climbed the ladder of corporate success only to find frustration with the dog-eat-dog atmosphere and the complete lack of humanity, which pervades many companies today. Longing for freedom from corporate bondage, endless transfers, and a better lifestyle, Miller took the plunge in 1969 to start his own business. This chronicle reveals the step-by-step process of building a business, from, “notations in a dog eared file kept for sentimental reasons,” to a $40 Million a year enterprise. It distills the knowledge and experience of a person who would not settle for whatever comes along. The author tells of mistakes as well as triumphs noting that; “Good judgment is the result of experience which is the result of bad judgment.” Written in story book fashion ‘Memoirs’ is not just another how-to book but rather a fascinating profile of business, marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Chapter Ten is a biographical sketch of Herbert L. Laube, a little known entrepreneur who shaped Miller’s business career, and reshaped the entire air conditioning industry. If you have ever longed to jump out of the rat race and ‘be your own person’ this book should be included in your planning kit.